A Husband’s Baby Shower Party Gifts to His Wife – Shower of Love and Support

Carmen D. Lade

The term “baby showers” belies the fact that these are not just parties meant for friends and family to give necessary baby supplies and accessories to the expectant mother. These are also great opportunities to pamper the expectant mother. Thus, family and friends can bring baby shower party gifts for the mommy.

This thoughtfulness for the mother more than equally applies to her husband. Tokens and gifts to your wife will make her feel more special, more womanly, more loved, and even more sexually desirable. Indeed, with all that your pregnant wife has been through and will go through, a special gift from you will be truly cherished.

What You Can Give

As her husband, you must know her favorites and hates. This makes choosing baby shower party gifts easier. Just think of what will make her happy, regardless if it seems trivial or silly to you, and do it for her. The emphasis is on doing it since her happiness can depend on a simple act rather than on an expensive gift.

You can give her more time. Indeed, increasing the quantity of time you spend with her is often more desirable than enhancing quality time. One of your baby shower party gifts can be a homemade gift certificate stating that you will be her slave for a few days; or a made-up contract promising to be with her more or else you face consequences. Be imaginative and put fun in your relationship again!

You can give her things to help her record her progress and your baby’s development. Have a special scrapbook made especially for her; this can contain your pictures and mementos when you were still dating, your wedding, and memories of her pregnancy. Very romantic, indeed!

You can also give her bath essentials as baby shower party gifts. Give her bath kits of her favorite brand or her favorite scent. Gift her with a luxurious bath robe in her favorite color; or lingerie in her favorite style at her present size. These gifts will show that you find her womanly and desirable, despite her general feelings of bodily insecurity.

For most women, jewelry occupies a special place in their hearts. Gift her with special jewelry in her favorite style and gemstone. Sometimes, a woman likes to feel that she deserves all the most precious gems in the world. Now is your time!

How You Can Give Your Gifts

When you have decided on your special mommy baby shower party gifts, be imaginative with how you present it to her. Use special gift wrapping, create your own gift basket, or have it specially delivered as a surprise.

You can give them in front of her guests or you can give them in the privacy of your bedroom. The choice of gifts and presentation should depend on how she likes her gifts.

Ultimately, a husband must be there for his wife every step of the way in her pregnancy. Being there means not just in the physical presence, but more importantly, in showing her how much you love her and your child in the little things you do.

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