Baby Shower Party Themes – For the Momma and Her Child

Carmen D. Lade

Baby shower parties are used to cheer up expectant mothers the new babies. The attendees carry gift items with them that are in the nature of articles that would be of use to the mother and her child. Such gifts may be:

– Diapers
– Cribs
– Baby clothes
– Feeding bottles
– Pacifiers

Usually, the baby showers were arranged only for the first child of a couple – though now subsequent children as well as adopted babies are being welcomed by the baby shower parties frequently.

Usually, these parties are attended only by women, but these days men are also welcomed in the party and even organize stag’s baby showers.

Several cultures all over the world have baby shower-like events. For instance, Godh Bharai is celebrated in India in the seventh month of pregnancy by women only.

Doubtless, mamma and baby are theme enough for the party, but baby shower party themes help the occasion look more arranged and polished.

Several ideas are doing the round on which one may base one’s theme of a baby shower party:

– Colour – boys are blue, girls are pink. If there are twins, pink and blue both are to be used
– Item – make your theme as a diaper, feeding bottle or pacifier – serve drinks in feeding bottles and make paper napkins diapers
– Picture – choose picture of the pregnant moms or babies or teddy bears and imprint them on cutlery and décor items
– Message – have specific taglines like ‘Proud to be a Mommy’ or ‘Welcome Young One’ and get them printed on décor items, table cloths, paper napkins and plates

Party planners are always ready with new baby shower party themes – in case the idea is coming from you, then ask them to customize your décor pieces and cutlery. Even party favours and invitation cards may be arranged thematically.

Several lively games also serve to set the mood right and may be used as baby shower party themes:

– Baby shower bingo
– Guess the gender of the baby or the delivery date
– Guess the how wide the expectant mother’s tummy is – guests guess the girth and the one coming closest to the actual is predicted to be the next parent. Also, sometimes people cut rope or toilet paper lengths according to their idea of the mommy’s girth. Whoever cuts the most accurate length is the winner
– Other games like diaper throw game, in which the diapers have candies or chocolate stuff
– Serving cake, or any type of food or beverage might be served
– Passing the parcel

An accompaniment to the above would be compatible music. Songs pertaining to baby shower events, like:

– What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
– If I Could See the World (through the Eyes of a Child) by Patsy Cline
– Baby Baby by Amy Grant
– Baby Mine from Dumbo
– These Are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs

Take these songs on a CD or tape and play them as the background score in the baby shower party.
Character party themes are also available as a good choice. The party organizer selects a character – this may be a superhero, a world leader or cartoon. Attendees are asked to dress up in accordance with the selected theme and the décor and party supplies also matchup.
Loads of fun are inseparable from such themed parties that are just like the fancy dress balls where a lot of time is spent in fun, deciding who has come in whose get-up?

Character party themes are used popularly in parties other than baby shower. Birthdays, children get-togethers and adult also utilize them. They may make use of masks, body suits and face painting for fun of it.

Here’s what an experienced hostess says:

“We planned to throw my son’s birthday party around the theme of jungle animals. We laughed an incredible amount! Our tame neighbourhood abounded with tigers and lions and cheetah and elephants. All the kids adored it!”

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