Caregivers’ Respite by Starting a Senior Adult Day Care Center

Carmen D. Lade

The number of unpaid caregivers in the United States today is 65 million, involving three out of ten households, according to a study done by the National Alliance for Care giving and funded by the Met Life Foundation. Despite a common stereotype that care giving is women’s work, one third of American caregivers are men, the report reveals. Many male caregivers keep this role a secret because they fear a stigma in the workplace. Among men and women who work full-time while caretaking, it’s the men who more frequently try to hide emergency phone calls, doctors visits, or other distractions that come with the role. This is why starting an Senior Care Center and having an Senior care center in your community is a good business practice. It allows the caregiver to have a safe place for their loved one to go to, to be taken care of socially and medically.

Men tend to approach the job of care giving differently then women. Most men opt for executive tasks such as dealing with insurance companies. Where women are more hands-on caretakers. A Senior care center will allow the caregiver the assurance that their loved one is still in the community, not far from home. Being taken care of by a nurse or LPN, medication given on time, fed proper diets for their conditions, and partaking in socialization activities. As well as cognitive impairment activities. Care giving is a labor of love, but we are not all trained medical staff and when the condition of your loved one becomes to much to handle, these centers are the answer. Contact Adult Day Care Group at 610-584-2222 or look for us on the web for more information to start your own center.

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