Feeling Lucky to Be Irish

Carmen D. Lade

I was raised with an Irish Blessing that unknowingly helped to guide me through life. The prayer was displayed on the wall, of our humble kitchen. I remember it was carved into wood with delicately painted green shamrocks all around the verse. The blessing went like this: “May the road […]

Parents Changing With the Times!

Carmen D. Lade

The ideal parenting target that all of us parents are aiming for always seems to be moving, doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to hit that bouncing bullseye when it just won’t stay still as the role of the ideal parent keeps changing. Funny thing is, though, we often don’t even […]

Where Have All the Fathers Gone?

Carmen D. Lade

Around this time of the year, my thoughts wander back to my father. He’s been gone quite a spell but his memory lingers. I often wonder what he would think of what is happening in our world today if he were to come back. I grew up with a father […]

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