Christian Baby Shower Games: Tips For Creating Your Own Fun Interactive Games

Carmen D. Lade

Christian baby shower games are not easy to find, but they do exist. Even if you are unable to find a Christian baby shower game, there is always the option of creating your own bible game for a baby shower.

The important thing is to know your audience. If your particular group of party attendees would enjoy biblical games, then go for it. The sky is the limit with what you can come up with. It’s easy to do. You just need to take a biblical theme or Christian fact and turn it into a baby shower party game or trivia game.

For example, a good game would be “Bible Babies”. For this game you would simply pass out sheets of paper to all of your players and instruct them to write as many names of babies from the bible as they possibly can. The most obvious bible baby of course, is probably baby Jesus. Another bible baby would be baby Moses.

The key is to think of stories about babies in the bible. The player that comes up with the most verifiable bible baby names is the winner. When I say verifiable I mean that the names actually exist in the bible and if no one knows or recognizes the name, it can be looked up in a resource (online or in the actual bible) and verified as a valid baby name from the bible. Any name that cannot be verified should be disqualified from the list. This is my suggestion to help the baby shower game run smoothly, however, as the hostess the decision is yours.

“Bible Parents” is another Christian baby shower game you could play. Have your guest write as many bible couples as they can in a particular time period. Say you give them two minutes to write the names of the bible couples on their sheet of paper. The player that lists the most verifiable bible couples is the winner.

You can do the same with “Bible Fathers”, “Bible Mothers”, etc. Just rinse and repeat the concept. The player that wins should receive a prize or party favor. This does not have to be anything expensive just something to recognize their achievement of winning the baby shower game. Perhaps some inexpensive Christian themed items like stationary, pins, pencils, small bibles, a Christian movie or music CD, etc.

As you can see creating a Christian Baby Shower Game is really simple and doesn’t have to be difficult to implement. It just takes a bit of imagination and willing participants.

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