Death is a Part of Life For Everyone But You Can Remain Connected

Carmen D. Lade

I bet you’ve never thought about death as a part of life before. Or, more importantly as a new beginning for those it leaves behind. Consider the huge disasters occurring throughout the world from 9/11 taking thousands to earthquakes in Haiti taking hundreds of thousands. Without even taking disasters like these in to account, death statistics are truly staggering: 53.4 million people die worldwide each year. That’s over 146,000 people per day, or two per second. The cliché is true. Death is a part of life. None of us escapes it. And, yet we’re all afraid of death for ourselves, as well as the fear of how to move forward if/when we lose someone we love. Whole religions have been created in the quest to not only understand death, but to conquer it. It makes sense that people are desperate for relief in this area. For all the numbers above who perish each year, many more are left behind, grieving the loss of their loved one, missing them dearly, and needing comfort.

We are all in need of understanding death, life after death and for some, after death communications with our loved ones on the other side. What does it mean to lose someone we love? Why would we want to reach out to those who are now on the other side in the spiritual dimension? What is after death communication? How and why does it occur? Does it only happen to those who are psychic? So many questions about what happens to the deceased and to the living once a death occurs.

Connecting to the departed on the other side is a very powerful, easy-to-do tool to help each and every one of us understand death, see death from a new perspective, remain connected to our loved ones and most importantly to experience a bit more peace, love and harmony in our life. Who wouldn’t want a touch of heaven on earth? Who wouldn’t want to receive – free of charge – guidance and support from those who know us so deeply and want to help us in different areas of our lives, from the other side? I can say, after connecting and deepening our after death communications for twenty-three years, I couldn’t live without my sister who is on the other side. And I clearly know it is my sister when we connect, versus God or the Angels, because I sense her, can feel her and I just know. Sort of like when you know you’re in love. Or when you walk into a house and just know it is the one for you.

You can find peace and begin recognizing the many hidden gifts awaiting you from your deceased loved ones on the other side. Open your heart and mind to a new approach to life. That is, via a strong bond with your loved ones who have passed on.

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