Don’t Forget Elephant Crib Bedding When Decorating Your Nursery

Carmen D. Lade

Decorating a baby’s nursery in elephant crib bedding may not be the first theme that comes to mind, but it is certainly one worth considering. There is nothing better than having baby animals throughout an infant’s room, as these adorable creatures add an instant cuteness factor that your little one is sure to love!

The type of bedding you choose for your baby’s nursery will determine the look and feel of your infant’s bedroom, which is why you want to give your selection some careful thought. Not only should your baby’s nursery bedding be soft, warm and snuggly, but you also want to create an atmosphere that is welcoming for both you and the baby. After all, any new parent knows that you will be spending plenty of time in your little one’s nursery during the first year of life!

Jungle animals are some of the most popular animals found on baby bedding, most notably, baby elephants. These gray animals are often accented with green, blue or brown colors, being perfect for a modern or contemporary look. Best of all, elephant crib bedding is suitable for both baby girls and baby boys, so you can choose this type of bedding if you don’t know the sex of your baby, or you can pass it along to siblings down the road. For something feminine, you can opt for a pink elephant bedding collection, while boys love elephants accented in green or blue hues. If you plan on using the same bedding set throughout your child’s toddler or childhood years, make sure you choose an elephant set that is suitable for older children as well.

Perhaps one of the greatest appeals to elephant crib bedding is that tots love animals, and the elephant is one that can be seen at the zoo, in kids’ books and in toddler videos. This makes the crib bedding all the more kid-friendly, allowing your little one to dream about elephants. Depending on your preference, consider elephant prints that feature gentle curves, while others offer more realistic-looking elephants. Other jungle animals can also be featured on the bedding, or you can choose a set that is exclusively elephant-themed.

Also consider the material of the bedding collection, as some are made from cotton, while others are made from soft silk, suede or velour. Whatever elephant crib bedding set you choose, your infant is sure to be delighted with these graceful jungle animals.

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