Dreams About Dying – Dreams That Warn About A Possible Death

Carmen D. Lade

What does it mean to dream about a death?

Dreams about a death are not usually about an ending of a life. In many cases, they are actually a communication about a major change within yourself, or in your life.

For example, if you are going through a divorce, your identity changes from a being a married person to a single one. A dream about death in this case is symbolic of the ‘ending’ of your married self.

A ‘death’ dream can be symbolic of transitions, such as the transformation of a limiting belief, a quantum leap in growth, a rite of passage, the ending of a cycle, a shift in identity, and so on.

Dreams that predict a ‘possible’ death

A dream about the impending death of a loved one could be an actual prediction. But sometimes a dream about dying is a call for help to avert a death–yours or someone else’s. This kind of dream may be a warning to you about the state of your health. A warning might be given to you because the person in your dream needs your immediate assistance to stay alive. A person, or pet, might have an unrealized, life-threatening condition. They may not be aware that their life-force energy is dwindling. In such cases, a warning dream can allow you to be instrumental in saving a life.

An individual might not really want to die, but can be so depressed and feeling so hopeless that he or she gives up on life. If you have a dream about someone in this predicament, it is a direct call for help. Spirit sends such a dream because you may be able to come to that person’s aid in some way, no matter how minor it may seem. Making a phone call, or a visit to a person who is in a self-destructive or suicidal mindset, may be exactly what that person needs to prevent a death.

For example, a woman told me her story about putting a gun to her head on her birthday, ready to pull the trigger. An elderly, reclusive neighbor suddenly called and said, “I had a dream about you last night and I remembered that today is your birthday. Please come over for a piece of cake.” That turned out to be a life-saving action.

Dreams that do predict an impending death

A certain percentage of dreams are an actual forewarning of an impending death. What might be the reason for having a dream that predicts the death of a family member, friend or pet? Most people tell me that they do not like to know such things ahead of time.

These can be thought of as preparation dreams. They come to alert and prepare the dreamer for the forthcoming death of a loved one. When you have a dream of this nature, you have been given a gift. You are being made aware about the loss; and by knowing ahead of time that a loved one is about to die, you can help others in the family to be prepared.

Spirit may be calling on you to assist the dying person for his or her transition to the other side. There are powerful ways to aid someone to die peacefully. You can talk with the individual directly, and be intuitive when talking about the rewards of the afterlife. Spirit will help you help another through this difficult time.

You can also help a departing loved one by praying or meditating on that person and sending thoughts of peace and love. This can be done effectively in a visualization technique I call: “Sending the Love Light.”

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