From Beliefs to Knowing

Carmen D. Lade

What do you want me to notice today?

First of all, I want you to move from a “belief” to a “knowing” in me. This shift in your awareness will allow you to have total faith and total trust in my care for you and the evolution of humanity. Society is used to trusting in their own wisdom; instead of, the wisdom that has created the moon, the stars, and the human heart.

How can I get there?

You will need to shift from self-centered awareness to life-centered awareness. The ego has the tendency to belief in what the ego knows to be real. I am asking you to trust me with your whole heart and soul, as though, your life depends on it. And, it does. You see, I am asking you to see through your eyes what you cannot see with them. For example, take a pebble and throw it into a pond. On the surface, you will see a ripple effect. You will see the effect of an action you took upon yourself to create. As the pebble sinks deeper and deeper into the pond, there will come a time when you will no longer be able to see it anymore. Yet, you know that the pebble traveled to the bottom of the pond. How did it get there? Here is where you begin to see through your eyes what you cannot see with them. If you paid close attention to this experience, you will notice that your imagination and your heart were engaged. This allowed you to see from within what you could not see externally and “know” it was a real experience without having a personal experience of what was happening before you.

Dying people are on a similar journey. They have to trust that an inner path is being created for them in their soul. They know that one day they will close their eyes to the world around them and open them up in a place created by the wisdom that brought them into this world. In many ways, dying people show us the way into eternity through their dying. The closer a dying person gets to death – the more introspective they and their loved ones become. At the moment of death, loved ones who are left behind begin to shift their attention from a relationship based on the personality to one where souls meet.

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