Frustration Game

Carmen D. Lade

Have you ever been frustrated in your life for losing a game? Perhaps you had but, even if you had not been, you will when you play the Frustration Game. There is a bit of twist in this. Being frustrated when another players kicks you out of the space you were occupying is the reason why this game is a lot of fun. You can make your revenge on your opponent by the turn of the dice.

Although this board game had been around since 1965 when Peter Pan Playthings Ltd first manufactured it, it has been given more and more features to increase the interest in the board game. It is now being manufactured by MB Games.

It is a board game that is played by two or three or four players. A player has to be the first one who can move four counters around the playing track to the finishing area to be called the winner of the Frustration Game.

Four players get four different colours each. You can choose orange, green, blue, or yellow for your character. You can get “whacked” when another player lands on the space where one of your counters is placed. Unless you get the powers of the Genie, you cannot be whacked and your counter is securely saved from that. These four “frustrated” characters, the popping die at the centre, and the Slam-o-matic feature, are the latest innovations of the Frustration Game. To start playing, you should get a 6 on the die. If not, you lose your turn and another player pops the die.

The fun begins each time a player is “whacked” or when you cannot get the number 6 on the die and you keep losing your turn to start playing. When a player makes it to send all of his counters to the right finishing area, the game is over.

Your kids and you will surely like playing the Frustration Game for the sake of fun. Keep encouraging your kids to strive for the best. Lead your kids to earn the powers of the Genie who will save them from being “sent home”.

Children will love this product because it is easy to play and the rules are not complicated. Winning in this game is also a boost to the kid who has every reason to smile when the counters he has left standing are able to reach the finish line.

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