How To Get Preschoolers Ready For School Fast

Carmen D. Lade

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The terrible twos are a well known challenge, but no one quite prepares you for the three-nager years.  If your toddler is starting preschool, the daily grind kicks in, where trying to get dressed, teeth brushed (maybe luxury), socks and shoes on can test the patience of even the most zen like mom.

1)Prep The Night Before.  The great scientist Louis Pasteur famously said, “Success if 90% preparation, 10% perspiration,” and that applies even to parenting (though there’s probably alot more sweating about weather things will go smoothly).

Remembering the needs of more than one person (even just yourself) takes up more brain space than we give credit for.  Write down a checklist of items that need to go out the door and paste it on the wall.  In a jam you’ll see what has been left out quickly without having to think about it.

2)Give Your Child Choices.  Part of the angst that comes with the daily grind is that your child does not have a say in when you need to get out the door.  And we all know when there’s a limit toddlers will test it anyway.  Empowering a child with some choices like the type of clothes,  gives them a feeling of ownership over the process.  Girls dresses piling up in the corner can actually give

3)Allow For Some Surprises.  As much as children adjust to routine, they also need some surprises or little changes to keep it fresh.  Especially on days where kids are more tired and cranky, adding a little spice to the morning can help.   Girls’ dresses are an easy way to spruce up a look, but boys can have some fun too with stickers or capes (heck, girls could use capes too!).


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