Many Sources of Extra Retirement Income

Carmen D. Lade

If you are like most Baby Boomers, ‘Over 50’, and pre-retirement folks, you are rightfully concerned about having enough income in your retirement years to allow you and your spouse to relax and enjoy your well earned retirement years. Like me, you have dreamed of the time when you no longer have to do the office commute and put up with business politics just to earn a living.

No, we want better than that! I decided long ago that, given the opportunity, I would enjoy being the master of my own life and not having to do the things that I have had to do my entire working career. I will probably never quit ‘working’ entirely, just having to work. But I will do so on my terms!

All of the financial pressures that come from my lack of a traditional pension, the eventual insolvency of the Social Security system, the housing market, oil dependency, the falling dollar, etc, combine to have me worrying whether or not I have saved enough over the years.

Since I have already ‘pulled the plug’ and begun to draw my Social Security at age 63, I’m in for the long haul. I really don’t want to go to a traditional job to supplement my retirement income, but neither do I want to end up broke and homeless 20 years from now.

For that reason, as well as my interest in having something productive to do, I began about a year ago to explore the possibilities of earning enough income through various internet activities to dramatically reduce the amount of cash that I need to take from my investments to live on. If I can just leave my savings grow, essentially untouched, for a few years, then my confidence will be raised a whole lot.

I have done several things to earn internet income. I have written a book (an e book) that I sell on the internet. I have setup websites on topics of interest, such as power boating. Those sites host some Google ads which pay me a fee every time someone clicks on them.

I have bought and sold items on eBay and produced videos and CD’s for sale. There are just so very many ways to earn some extra cash.

One fun thing about it is that these things continue to earn money even when I’m playing golf or sleeping, so my time is still my own. I am not tied down and we are free to travel at will – and the cash will just keep coming in!

While my projects have not produced much more than $2,000 a month so far, I am not disappointed. I am challenged to always seek to improve on this, and I am confident that it will. While everybody wants more money, I am worried that if I am too successful, it will consume too much of my time to enjoy life! That would be a tragedy.

In talking to other retirees (and to retiree wannabees), many of them want to know how I am doing this. For that reason, I have created a site for people to come and to learn the techniques and skills that it takes to accomplish this cash flow goal. We even have a ‘Retirement Income Forum’ where like minded people can discuss their successes and impediments and get the real advice and input of others in the same boat. I specifically avoid most of the internet marketing ‘gurus’ and their overpriced products and seminars.

There are just lots of ways to earn extra retirement income on the internet and the really good news is that there is plenty for everybody! The web is growing and maturing and the population of users on the net grows daily. You need to get online and get your share and, at the same time, secure some great sources of supplemental retirement income!

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