Materials to Consider When Choosing a Chess Set

Carmen D. Lade

There are several materials that are used in the production of chess sets. While it is true that wood and metal are the unquestionable champions in popularity of chess sets, there are still several materials that provide unique looks to the chess pieces. Materials that have proven time and time again to provide some of the finest manifestations from blocks of insignificant substance to stunning chess pieces. These materials include Marble, Alabaster and Glass.

When choosing one of these materials, a chess player must realize that he has made the decision to distinguish and separate himself from the rest of the pack. Without exception, chess sets that are made of these beautiful materials are long-lasting, durable enough for daily play, and striking enough to be proudly displayed for anyone to display in their home.

Marble Chess Sets.

Marble is an amazing material. It requires no processing to bring out its natural flair. A piece of marble typically has three dominant colors that highlight it, with several shades of those colors running throughout the marble. It is something that been sought for centuries. From government arenas of the past to home of the present, marble is a material that has been selected to highlight tastes of a refined palette. The Senate of Rome itself was lined with beautiful marble. Chess Sets that are made from marble have sought after for several years. When master artisans first created chess sets from Marble, they were instant hits. Seeing the colored lines of marble intertwine with each other, running through the curves and lines of the chess pieces, one can help but stop and look at the chess piece. What makes the sets even more desirable is the reasonable price that these materials can be obtained for a chess player.

Alabaster Chess Sets.

Alabaster is another unique material that has been used in chess sets for many years. Alabaster is desirable as a chess set because of the unique way that the light hits it. Alabaster is nearly translucent, and the resulting chess set is something that is nearly hypnotic and mesmerizing. It is worth noting that while alabaster is a durable material that will not deteriorate with age, it is brittle and can be chipped. Although this exists, most chess players have enough respect for their investment to let anything happen to the chess pieces.

Glass Chess Sets.

Clean. Sleek. Simple. All are descriptions for chess sets that are made from glass. Usually to opposing colors for the black and white chess pieces are not possible for glass chess sets. The white pieces are often times clear glass, and the black pieces are frosted glass. The chess board follows the same patterning. While the glass chess set it simple in nature, it is still an eye-catching solution, also found at a reasonable price.

With any selection from the above materials for a chess set, the result will be a game that will be proudly displayed in any chess players home. Their beauty may even have guests looking to come over for a match.

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