National Deadbeat Dad List

Carmen D. Lade

As you know that the children are the responsibilities of the parents. If due to some adverse circumstances as well as conditions, if parents get separation and live alone, then at this time their duty for children would become more significant. Both of them have the equal responsibilities for their children. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in child support equally by the parents. The parents in such cases take legal options in order to have the right judgment in their favor. However, some of the fathers do not want to support their child and thus categorized as the deadbeat dad. So, if you are the father who has divorced, then you have to face some legal orders by the court for child support. At this time you may have lot of the social pressure that would force you to be a responsible father. And you surely do not want to be counted as a deadbeat dad in the national deadbeat dad list.

If you are one who loves and cares your children, then you are totally opposite from a deadbeat dad. So, do not worry to have your name in the national deadbeat dad list. Actually, the father who abuses and neglects his children is generally called as deadbeat dad. However, court can also put those who are not paying their amount for child support regularly in the category of deadbeat dads. So, the person who disallows the court orders or tries to escape himself from paying the authorized order for child support is added into the national list of deadbeat dads.

Some of the fathers, who have the custody of their child but they would fail to teach the proper guideline to their child so that they can grow up well, also come under the category of deadbeat dads. The proper direction and guidance is very important for the children. Therefore, court passes such order under which the dads who have the custody of their children have to give them good education and proper guideline for their better growth and development. If the father fail to do so then he would also be listed in the national deadbeat dad list.

So, if you are the good father and do not want your name in the national deadbeat dad list then you have to do some measures. There are several guidelines available on internet that can support you to be a good father. As there are lots of child support attorney that can help you to give your best in order to support your child. In addition, you can also go to the child support counselors, so that you can learn the tricks to be a good and caring father.

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