Poverty – A Bane of Society

Carmen D. Lade

Nascent little speck of life, just introduced to the world, was flapping its hands and crying for milk. How incredible that a little baby, just out of mother’s womb, knows that only crying babies get Milk! Sister Martha, who was standing near the front portico was surprised to hear the voice of a baby, looked outside.

Enthralled by the sight of what she found, she exclaimed,”Oh my God! What a beauty!. Who on earth could have the heart to leave a thing as pretty as this baby and walk away.” Yes, the little speck of life, lying on the floor of the portico was a female child abandoned by her mother.

With her trembling hands Martha held the baby in her hands and looked around to see if she could find anyone. Confirming that the child has been abandoned, by some unfortunate mother, unwed destitute perhaps, Martha carried the baby to her quarters.

Doting on the pretty girl, the sisters at the church named her Cindrella as she was so very beautiful like a princess. Despite her unwelcome entry into this world Cindrella grew up to be an intelligent girl under the fond and affectionate care of the church.

As a young girl, Cindrella was very good at studies and topped her class in all academic ventures. Blessed with an uncanny talent at painting, she could almost infuse life into whatever she painted. She had all the love and affection she needed from Martha and her band of sisters. Still she longed for that one soul which was responsible for bringing her into this world.

Wondering as to how her mother would have looked, Cindrella painted the portrait of a woman. Martha was stunned to look at the Picture as she could relate it immediately to the new entrant in the Destitutes’ Home run by the church. She rushed to the Home and called for Mariam, who had joined the earlier day. When Mariam entered the hall, Martha deliberately left the picture in the middle of the room for her to see. Shocked by the portrait, Mariam asked Martha as to who was the woman.

Nodding her head, Martha asked Mariam what she did with her little baby seven years ago. Mariam was shocked as to how Martha could know about the child she had abandoned so many years ago. She cried and admitted to leaving the baby on the portico of the church due to her helplessness and abject poverty. Martha led her to Cindrella and introduced her. Cindrella leapt with Joy and hugged Mariam with tears running down her face. Yes, her Dawn has been ordained.

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