Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Tableware

Carmen D. Lade

When planning for a party there is always the question of what kind of tableware should be used. This is especially true when planning for a baby shower party where the opinion of the new mother-to-be is critical.

There are really some who will not object to using disposable forks and spoons for baby shower tableware and then there are those who are adamantly against it. Here are some pros and cons to using disposable tableware.

One – It is really easy to clean up after a party or event if all the tableware is disposable. Once all the guests have left, the one left cleaning after the place has to gather all the evidence of the party and make everything tidy once more. If all the baby shower tableware is disposable a simple swipe of the hand directing all these into the waiting black bag cuts the cleanup time to less than half. Otherwise, a lot of time consuming dish washing could be involved.

Two – If the party has a theme or even a color scheme, it is often possible to find tableware that matches this exact theme and thus enhances the decorations for the event. Sometimes even plain colored plates and napkins will match the decorations better than the plate you have in the cupboard. If having the perfect decorations is important, then disposable tableware might make sense.

Three – They are really cheap and can be purchased online or at a local store.

One – Some people don’t like disposable tableware because they create more trash, which is bad for the environment. Even biodegradable and other earth friendly products will not be as environmentally friendly as using regular dishes and washing them.

Two – Disposable tableware is not sized properly and some are either too small and others too large. It is also harder to eat with plastic utensils than regular forks and spoons. Plastic knives don’t cut as well as metal knives either. Paper plates can be too thin for some types of greasy foods, which can result in a mess if they leak through.

Three – The worst thing that can happen is that when eating with these disposables, they could break while still in the mouth. Some of the tines of the forks can even get lost in a cake and if one is not careful they could be eaten by a child or an adult.

But don’t let the cons scare away the idea of using disposable tableware for a party. If one is really stressed out and cleanup is an issue, then go for it.

However, if there are kids around, then an adult should take charge of the little kids who don’t know how to eat properly yet. Also, it is best for one or two adults to be vigilant over the kids come eating time. They have a tendency to run around with a fork in hand when they get too excited over something.

Don’t let the issue of baby shower tableware dampen the fun of the party. Decide whichever is most convenient for everybody.

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