Why Are Babies So Cute?

Carmen D. Lade

Who can resist the charm of cute babies in this world? Why are they so utterly cute anyway? Perhaps these questions have run through your mind while looking at baby pictures or simply cradling your very own. Babies seem to have that power to put a smile on our faces or tug at our hearts whenever they need loving comfort. A baby can sometimes even soften the heart of a grouchy person.

First, let’s look at the scientific explanations. Genetics has something to do with the way humans respond to little creatures like babies. The way we see our babies might be because we see a bit of ourselves in their tiny features. These traits are being passed on. This is not only true among females but also with males. Grandfathers, uncles and brothers will also see these family inherited features in the newborn baby. Like the female, these males have also preferences on cuteness trait and it keeps getting stronger with each generation. Scientists also associate cuteness with good genes. Ultimately, humans are biologically designed to see babies as cute and care for them.

When one looks up in the dictionary for the word ‘cute’, it’s always synonymous to beautiful, small and attractive. These words are definitely true just by merely looking at the shining eyes and button noses of a baby. By holding their tiny fingers and washing their small feet, people are amazed at how delicate they are. Most of us love the feel of the babies’ soft skin and their innocent gaze. Nature must have intended babies to be so cute in order for humans to love taking care of them.

Even many reluctant moms will always find it in their heart to love their newborns once they see how small and alive they are. Most of us would call babies a tiny miracle because seeing them simply move us. They are signs of hope and their lives become gifts to the family. The cuteness of the baby even draws family members close together and this will certainly strengthen the bond.

Another reason people love babies is because they are innocent. Unlike adults, babies are new to the world and are incapable of malicious acts. They are generally happy creatures with the whole lives ahead of them. Babies will smile at strangers and for no reason at all. They will make funny noises and they will make extended eye contact.

Babies are tiny and people often associate cute with smaller things. Their laughter and smiles are contagious. Because a baby is less aware of the world around, sometimes it will just smile for no reason at all. The power of a simple smile can be uplifting to adults around the baby.

How many times have you seen people smile when they saw a baby? The usual comment will be, “How cute!” Especially among women, maternal instincts make females particularly fond of babies and toddlers. No matter how everyone sees a baby, the truth remains they are very much adored. They are our sources of complete joy and happiness. Seeing them brightens up our days and lightens up our future.

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