The Garuda Purana

Carmen D. Lade


Garuda Purana is the ancient Hindu text which describes Death, Reincarnation, Hell, Heaven, Funeral rituals and the punishment for the sinners by the king of justice (Lord Yama). Indeed, there is a myth in Hindu religion that reading and keeping Garuda Purana in the home may bring mischief to the family and considered reading only on account of bereavement in the family. The Garuda Purana is one of the Vaishnava Purana of Hindu body. It is in the form of a dialogue between the Supreme God “Lord Vishnu” and “Garuda” – the King of Birds. The sinners will get chastised appropriately in the 28 terrific hells termed in the Garuda Purana. The soul is an inextinguishable substance. According to the sins deserved by the human being, the soul itself forms a replica of its corporeal matter and thus suffers the torments after death.


Garuda Purana describes Vaitarani as a river, but actually, it’s not a river with water, instead filled with blood, pus, urine, faeces and a lot of amphibian predators living in it. Those who wield his power over ingenuous persons, insidious persons, venal leaders, hypocrites and those who are against dharma will receive this hell and suffer until their time. The terrifying messengers of Lord Yama immerse the sinners in the Vaitarani River and agonize them with hunger and thirst. Bestowing a cow to a Brahmin may save a person from this torment. Those who bestow a cow to a Brahmin should not have any dire diseases or a bedridden person and it should be only be given to an Erudite Brahmin.


Birth as a human being is scarcely possible in the earth. After getting lots of birth as various animals and other species, the soul finally gets the form of human being in the embryo. Even though it gets the human form, it will be born with disabilities initially according to the past sins. Human beings should consider every life in the earth equally, as we are predominance than any other species in the world. Sinners performed the following sins receive this hell. Crucifying lives, brutal murders, depreciating others’ lives. In this hell, vicious carnivorous animals will gnaw the sinners and uncanny bulls trample them.


The Garuda Purana describes the following kind of deaths as the premature deaths. People died by hanging & poison; killed by carnivorous animals, degraded people, lightning, weapons, fire & thief; death of people who didn’t perform the proper rituals for their ancestors; died as an orphan and without an heir. People who attain these kinds of deaths will get the ghost form and roam the earth. People usurp others wealth by their authority, influence other people for their own deed will receive this hell. The sinners will get tied in the iron rod like animals and scorched in the fire.


Sinners, who tyrannically slaughter and ruin others family for their cupidity will receive this hell. A devilry snake named “Ruru” castigate the sinners by jostling and trampling them in this hell.

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