What is Corporate Entertainment?

When a company wants to show its staff, clients, or stakeholders some appreciation, they put together a corporate entertainment event. These events are a great way to not only show appreciation for those involved with the company in some way, but it is also serves many other purposes. Some of […]

Kids and Second Languages

Carmen D. Lade

Perhaps you speak a language other than English at home. Perhaps you live in a bilingual country and feel your child would benefit from learning both official languages. Perhaps you have always been into other languages and want your kids to have that same love. Whatever the reason, experts agree […]

All About Soap Making: Basic Soap Making

Carmen D. Lade

Many areas of misunderstanding exist with regard to soap making. I am often asked “do I have to use lye?” “just how dangerous is lye?” and “will soap making save me money?” “can I really make soap and sell it for a profit?” these and many more questions arrive in […]

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