Advantages of Board Games

Carmen D. Lade

Board games, being considered as a source of leisure have been pushed ahead making them one of the most favorite games among the other modern ones. These games are worth playing mainly because they give you a reason to spend valuable time while you play on board with your family […]

Antiquing for Antique Distressed Furniture

Carmen D. Lade

A piece of furniture is considered and antique when it is one-hundred years old. After a hundred-year-old piece of furniture begins to exhibit age wear and imperfections, it becomes antique distressed furniture. Distressed items are heavily searched for by antique hunters because they offer unique qualities that cannot be reproduced […]

Antique Collectibles From Cameo Doll Company

Carmen D. Lade

Founded in 1922, Cameo Doll Company primarily produced wooden dolls but they also created dolls made of bisque, vinyl, hard plastic, and celluloid. Most of the designs were made by Joseph Kallus who also designed for other doll manufacturers such as Effanbee Corporation and Ideal Novelty and Toy Company. Cameo […]

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