Discover 3 Cool Reasons Why Dads Matter

Carmen D. Lade

Here’s a slightly uncomfortable belief: dads matter because men are different from women. Put differently, a father doesn’t mother-and vice versa of course! I’ve found that friends and neighbors sometimes get uneasy when I share that observation. There are some obvious reasons for that-so much of our recent gender history […]

Types of Orphans

Carmen D. Lade

He knows my name He knows my every thought He see each tear that falls And hears me when I call Tommy Walker One might be surprised to find that many children who are considered orphans may actually have a parent who is still alive.  Here are some definitions of […]

Five Myths About Being a Foster Carer

Carmen D. Lade

Although many people speak out about their positive experiences as a foster carer, there are still many untrue myths about the occupation. These range from false ideas of the work involved right through to who is eligible to become a foster carer. Here are some of the main myths and […]

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