Antique Clocks Variants – 3 Types of Cuckoo Clocks

Carmen D. Lade

Like other types of antique clocks, old cuckoo are available in different models, variants, styles, and designs. Generally, old cuckoo can be classified in two major types – the musical and non-musical variety. The Musical ones, as the name implies, include a distinct melody that is produced after the cuckoo sound. Unlike the non-musical ones that only have two weights, the musical variety features a third weight.

Different models and types vary greatly from one another. Although majority of these clocks use bird cuckoos, there are also some that utilize other figurines like soldiers and animals. Among the existing types, the Bavarian antique ones are highly prized by antique clock collectors. These are German-made antique clocks that showcase appealing features.

Other types of old cuckoo clocks that you might want to consider include the following:

  • Black Forest – They come in an array of types, styles and designs. There are models that apply the mechanism used in an 8-day antique grand father clock. 8-day ones must be wounded once a week. There are also black forest cuckoo clock variants that need to be wounded constantly, such as the 1-day cuckoo clocks.
  • 19th Century – They feature a clock face that is placed in the middle of a wooden frame. A painted space is often placed between the clock’s face and the wooden frame.
  • Swiss – They were produced in Switzerland during the end of the 19th century. Old Swiss cuckoo clocks are highly valued souvenirs. Just like with all other old clocks (i.e. antique mantle clock, antique wall clock, antique carriage clock), The Swiss variant come in various styles including the black forest chalet, Swiss chalet, and the Bavarian chalet clock designs.

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