A 400 Years Mosque – In Oblivion

Carmen D. Lade

“Jayantipur” “Bor” “Majid” of Kuwaritol Kaliabor is one of the oldest mosques in India established in the year 1570 AD. It is in its 437th year of existence. The historical reference goes back to the year 1532 when general Turbak of the Mughal army was defeated by an Ahom King […]

National Deadbeat Dad List

Carmen D. Lade

As you know that the children are the responsibilities of the parents. If due to some adverse circumstances as well as conditions, if parents get separation and live alone, then at this time their duty for children would become more significant. Both of them have the equal responsibilities for their […]

Recording a Life History – Simplified

Carmen D. Lade

Last summer I found out that my husband’s grandmother did not have any kind of life history recorded. She does not have any journals and pictures are scarce. She is the last living grandparent on either side and the thought of my children not knowing her or even being able […]

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